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Grilled Cheese, One of My Favorite Comfort Foods

I’ve had a headache for three days. While it’s miserable, I’ve notice something interesting. When I feel terrible, I always crave certain foods. I want comfort food. I’ve specifically had a huge hankering for bread and pasta. While these things are horrible for me, at least they’re cheap.

My coworkers helped with my yearning for comfort cuisine yesterday. We all brought in an ingredient or two and the guys cooked lunch. They made goulash and chocolate cookies. It was the best lunch I’ve had in a long time. They made enough for everyone to have lunch yesterday and to freeze for lunch another day.

While I love goulash, the ultimate comfort food for me is grilled cheese sandwiches. My grandma used to make them for me when I was little. She passed away when I was seven years old, so I never got her recipe, but I know she always used Monterey Jack cheese and white bread.

I still use Monterey Jack cheese in my grilled cheese sandwiches every once in a while, but I like to use different kinds. Variety is the spice of life, you know. I like using mozzarella, cheddar, Gouda, and Harvarti cheese. Sometimes I even use more than one of these varieties on the same sandwich.

Margarite’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Ingredients Cheese of your choice, two slices  Bread of our choice, two slices Butter Garlic Salt to taste Pepper to taste

Directions Butter one side of each slice of bread. I like to use honey wheat bread. Place one slice of bread, butter side down in a skillet on the stove. Turn the heat to medium. Place the cheese slices on top of the bread. Top with the remaining slice of bread, butter side up. Sprinkle with a dash of garlic salt and a dash of pepper. Cook about 3 minutes or until the underside is golden brown. Flip the sandwich and repeat the process on the other side. Your cheese should be melted by the time both sides are golden brown.

I like to eat my grilled cheese sandwich with chips and French Onion dip or a piping hot bowl of tomato soup.

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