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Baby in the House

You know you have a baby in the house when you hear yourself utter these words, “Yay! The poop stain came out!” A baby changes everything. From baby bottles drying on the counter to the magical smell of baby shampoo, you are sure notice a change in the way you live.

My beautiful granddaughter is six weeks old. She’s my precious little princess, and I love her to pieces. She’s a cuddly, huggable, wriggly little person who has captured my heart. I’ve never had a baby in the house before. My step-children were two and seven when I married their father. So, this has been a new experience for me.

Maddie's feet

Her mommy and daddy take care of her. I haven’t changed a single one of her diapers. I’ve learned a great deal by observation, though. I have learned that a bottle warmer is the best invention ever. Baby formula is ridiculously expensive. A diaper genie is just about as handy as a pocket on a shirt. Most importantly, I’ve learned how to remove dried baby related stains. It’s all about the stain stick.

There’s something about my granddaughter’s cry that makes me want to leap into action. I can’t tell if she needs a diaper change or if she’s hungry, but I feel a primal need to comfort her every time I hear her cry. I guess that’s my maternal instinct kicking in. Her mommy always knows just what to do, so I stand back and let her care for her child. I can’t help hovering a bit, though. You know, just in case I’m needed.

I’ve told my granddaughter stories, sang nursery rhymes, and read books to her. She always stares up at me with those innocent blue eyes that make my heart melt. I just wish she could communicate what she’s thinking when she stares at me. She’s probably wondering why this silly lady won’t shut up. I just want her to know that her nana loves her exponentially.

A baby changes everything. No matter how much you plan, an infant is still full of surprises.

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