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Wine and Chocolate?

I’m not a big wine connoisseur. In fact, I hardly ever imbibe in the ancient fruity beverage. I have tried a few different kinds over the years and enjoyed one or two, but I didn’t love them.

I’m putting together a romance basket for the Ozarks Writers League’s silent auction, which will take place during our 2019 OWL Spring Conference. I’m the president this year, and I feel like I should make some donations to the auction since this particular fundraiser was my idea. I’m looking for items to include in my basket that can be enjoyed as part of a romantic evening.

My basket will, of course, contain high-end fancy chocolate. Chocolate screams romance to me. One of the other things that make me think of romance is a nice bottle of chilled wine. As I mentioned, I don’t drink a lot of wine, so I’m researching what wines would pair well with chocolate. I’ve never had wine with chocolate, but I know many people enjoy those two things together.

I searched the internet for recommendations and talked to people at work. The internet articles I read recommended a handful of wines, and I’d never heard of any of them. I mentioned my confusion to my assistant director who offered an idea so obvious that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. He suggested I visit a liquor store and ask an employee. It’s such a simple solution! We have several liquor stores around here. I’ve never been to any of them, but I’m sure I can find my answer in one of them.

The purpose of our silent auction is to raise money for conference expenses. One of our biggest expenses is paying editors, publishers, and agents to attend and accept pitches at our 2019 OWL Fall Conference. Most of our editors, publishers, and agents live a great distance from the Ozarks and will have significant travel expenses.

We’ll be selling all kinds of wonderful things during our silent auction. We’ve already secured a great variety of donations. As for me, I’ll be donating my romance basket and a writing basket. I’m still contemplating a third donation. I have so many ideas that it’s difficult to choose how best to concentrate my efforts.

For now, I need to decide which liquor store I’m going to visit so I can make sure my wine won’t be terrible with the fancy chocolate on my list. Perhaps I may even try a little wine with my chocolate on my wedding anniversary this year. Then again, I may just stick with ice cream. That’s worked well for my husband and I for the past 20 years.

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