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When was the Last Time You Wore Lipstick?

Have you thought about the different kinds of businesses being impacted by the pandemic? I was recently watching my Mary Kay Consultant’s weekly Facebook Live post when it occurred to me that the cosmetics industry must have taken a huge blow when people started staying home last year.

I was home for approximately eight weeks. During that time, I didn’t wear any makeup or fragrance at all. Even when I returned to work, I wore less than normal. There’s no point in wearing blush or lipstick if I’m wearing a mask all day.

My husband and I don’t go out on the weekends like we did prior to all of the shutdowns. We try, but things aren’t the same. I certainly don’t need to get all prettied up to drive through and grab and burger before coming home to watch Netflix.

The pandemic has changed our lives so much. People who normally enjoy healthy skin have rashes and breakouts due to prolonged mask wearing. It’s difficult for your skin to breathe in a mask.

My face has become dry from my mask. I’ve been using far more moisturizer than normal. My masks are washable, and I only wear them one day before washing. I’m just happy my skin went the way of dryness instead of acne.

While skin conditions are annoying, I worry about the businesses still suffering from this craziness we call a world now. Restaurants, movie theaters, playhouses, and so many of the places we frequented are still closed or at reduced capacity. I just hadn’t considered the goods we consume until a few days ago.

When was the last time you wore lipstick?

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