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We Should Be Spreading Comfort and Love Instead of Hate

I make it a point not to discuss religion or politics in public. They are both emotional topics that often elicit knee-jerk responses. This post is not intended to be political or religious.

Our world has become a violent and tragic place. I’m saddened to see a vast amount of negativity everywhere I look. We are experiencing tragedy after tragedy, and someone always seems to have something nasty to say or a quick finger to point. What happened to having compassion for our fellow human beings? So many people are divided by gender, race, political affiliations, religion, orientation, geography, socioeconomic status, and any little thing that differentiates them from other people.

Why are so many of us consumed by hate for other people or groups? The negativity seems to reach into every aspect of life. There’s always at least one negative comment on every social media post that I read or group conversation I hear.

From the devastation caused by the recent hurricanes to the horrific shootings in Las Vegas, there are always those who have snarky comments and hate to spread. Terror attacks, natural disasters, freak accidents, and anything that brings suffering seems to be fodder for someone to spew hatred. The barrage of negative comments regarding all of these really surprises me.

I do my very best to be a loving and positive person. I naturally have a hot temper, but have made great strides toward obtaining my own version of inner peace. Anger and hate consume a person. I realize that everyone has bad feelings now and then, but we really need to stop and think about how the way we deal with them impacts others. Words have power, and hateful words are like barbed wire wrapped baseball bats to the psyches of those souls hit by them.

In this tumultuous time, we need to come together as humans and accept each other for the individuals that we are. There’s so much pain and suffering, we should be looking for ways to comfort each other. Let’s embrace our differences and spread some joy and love.

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