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We Attended a Great Citywide Sale

Today was a great day! My best friend picked me up at 6:00 a.m., and we hurried to Neosho, Missouri. The Neosho Citywide Sale is this weekend, and we wanted an early start. Since it was cancelled last year, we were more excited about attending than normal.

We noticed the crowds were smaller, and so were the offerings in many places. No doubt a lot of people are still exercising caution and staying home. Perhaps things will be more normal next year.

My deal of the day was a wooden file cabinet for $5.00 followed closely by a brand new bread machine that I also bought for $5.00. I scored several books, a gorgeous purple sweater, some shirts, a couple of nice paintings, a clock, some kitchen items, and several other wonderful treasures.

The fun isn’t necessarily in the things we buy. It’s in spending time together, enjoying the thrill of the hunt that has my best pal and I returning year after year. We drive around looking forward to the next sale, ready to find hidden treasure. It doesn’t hurt that most sales have a grill going with everything from hotdogs to authentic tacos. There’s even a tent selling homemade eggrolls.

We got home around 3:30 p.m. exhausted, sunburned, and happy. My feet were swollen, and I developed a rash on my arms, but I still felt good about the day. I most likely brushed up against something washed in Tide or Downy, two things that break me out every time. I’ll be right as rain after a good night’s sleep and some tee tree oil.

My husband and the guys at work don’t understand why I would put myself through the physical discomfort to attend a bunch of garage sales. To put in perspective they might understand, the Neosho Citywide Sale is our big fishing trip.

I hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

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