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Watching My Grandson is Always an Adventure

I watched my grandson today. To say I’m exhausted is a severe understatement. He just turned three years old, and he had that amazing energy that I’d love to bottle. He hit my house running, and didn’t slow down all day. What about a nap, you ask? Nope. He wasn’t having any of that today. So, we had lots of great quality time together, but I accomplished nothing else.

My little whirlwind is potty training. He’s just about got it, but he doesn’t like it. I have one of those little plastic toilets made for toddlers. I bought it thinking it would be just the thing to make my grandkids comfortable at my house. Nope. Wrong again. It’s never been used.

My grandson had to go so bad he was dancing this morning, but he fought it until the last second. I finally just picked him up and put him on the porcelain throne despite his protests. I realized that if we were going to avoid accidents, I had to do something different.

I buckled the child into the car seat I keep in my car and headed to the store. There were three different toilet training seats, which sit on top of the regular toilet seat, in stock. I showed him each one, and he pushed them away in turn. I finally told him that we were bringing one of them home with us and he was going to use it. He reluctantly accepted the inevitable and picked out the one emblazoned with puppies.

I bought him a toy on the promise that he’d use the new seat. He kept his word. After a quick stop by the airport to see Wing Grandma, also known as my mom who works there, we came home and installed our new acquisition. It wasn’t five minutes later when he told me he had to go. He fussed, but did finally sit on the new seat and do his job like a big boy.

We had lunch with some family, and he behaved like a proper little man. I’m so proud of him. He fussed a bit, but that’s to be expected. He is three. I thought for sure he’d want a nap after his sizable lunch, but I was wrong. He was just hitting his stride at that point.

We came back home where he played hard. He wanted to make a Play-Doh shark together, and I did my best. Every time I handed him the doh, he pushed it back at me. I made something that resembled a shark shape. He took it, ran up to my husband and said, “Papa, I made shark!”

He watched me make the shark, but like I said, he’s three. I’ll give him that one. I’m just happy to see him interested in making things. He made all sorts of shapes. He created something that looked like a dinosaur, but he squished it before I could get a picture.

All-in-all it was a good day. My boy made peace with the fact he does have to use the bathroom at my house. Holding it until he gets home is not an option. He captured the hearts of family members who don’t see him very often. He showed artistic promise. Most importantly, he gave me several hugs and told me he loved me. That’s true magic to this nana’s ears.

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