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Visiting My Happy Place, The Bookstore

I have a Christmas party this evening with the Joplin Writers’ Guild, and I needed a gift for the white elephant exchange. I drove to my favorite place after work yesterday to purchase a gift card. My favorite place is, of course, a bookstore. The moment I walked through those doors, I knew there was no way I was leaving with a gift card. How could I buy a gift card when there were so many amazing gift options?

The first thing that struck me was a display of records. Yes! Vinyl is making a comeback! I had a fabulous time looking through the stacks, which took me back to me teen years when my friends and I shopped at record stores. I was hoping to find some 80’s metal for my husband, but had no luck.

The blissful quest soon took me around displays of Harry Potter and Justice League merchandise, Alice in Wonderland novelties, and face to face with giant unicorns. There were huge displays of cook books, holiday favorites, and boxed sets in every genre. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted ever so gently over me as I wandered through the classic section and endeavored to matched those beloved tales with my loved ones.

I sauntered over to the fiction section – my home away from home. My arms were getting full, but I couldn’t stop. Glee bubbled up within me and became a giggle when I found a signed copy of a book by Sherrylin Kenyon. I know many people who absolutely adore her. She’s one of my favorite authors, too. So, it wouldn’t be a hardship if I had to keep this particular book.

I snatched up a copy of Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich for myself, so I really should part with Sherrylin Kenyon’s book. I’m not revealing the title because most of my friends and loved ones read this blog. Hint: it’s not the book shown above. I want the person who receives it to be surprised.

In the end, I found the perfect gift for my white elephant exchange with my fellow Guild members. I’m keeping it a secret because spoilers are no fun, and many of my colleagues honor me by reading my blog. I also marked two other people off my Christmas list as complete.

No matter how stressful my day or sour my mood, a trip to the bookstore lifts my spirits and makes me smile. I feel like I’ve come home the moment I enter the revered space. The cozy chairs, convenient benches, and exquisite coffee all welcome me in a loving embrace. The hunt for reading treasures gives me a little shot of pure delight. I always leave the store with a full bag and a euphoric smile.

Where’s your happy place?

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