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Valentine’s Day Gifts Don’t Always Need to be Romantic to Express Love

Valentine’s Day is in a few days. I’ve heard many people ask, “What do I buy for my significant other?” On this topic, I am far from expert. My husband and I always go out for a romantic dinner, but usually buy each other gifts that are in no way romantic. Our gifts express our love, but in an unconventional way.

My husband and I are getting ready to celebrate our 19th Valentine’s Day together. In fact, he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day 19 years ago. I’ve purchased all sorts of gifts for him over the years. There is usually one thing that he really wants, which is normally the most unromantic item imaginable. If it will make my hubby smile, then I do my best to accommodate him.

One year all he wanted was a Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife with built-in whistle and fire starter. It’s a survival knife, and wasn’t cheap. I can think of several different ways to spend that kind of money, but that’s what my sweetie wanted. So, that’s what my sweetie got. I’ve actually given him several survival related items as Valentine’s gifts.

In other years I’ve bought him shoes, a range finder, hunting gear, expensive survival gear, power tools, jackets, cologne, expensive electronics, watches, wedding rings to replace ones lost or destroyed, and gift cards. Never underestimate the power of a gift card. I asked him yesterday what he would like this year. His response was, “I’d like an Academy Sports gift card so I can go shopping for man stuff.” That works for me!

While the gifts I buy my husband aren’t romantic in the least, they make him happy. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate our love for each other. I can’t think of a better way to show my man that I love him than by giving him something he actually wants or needs.

My husband has given me a variety of unconventional Valentine gifts, as well. One year he bought me a cell phone because that’s what I needed. Another year he paid my fee for a writer’s retreat, which is one of my favorite gifts from him. He has given me house shoes because he says my feet are always cold, tires for my car, large insulated travel mugs to keep my Diet Coke cold on the go, perfume, jewelry, and of course gift cards. He’s also taken me to the book store and told me, “Go pick out what you want.” That’s dangerous for him because I really love the book store and can spend a great deal of money in there. Curling up with a good book is my favorite pastime.

I admit to having a weakness for Fossil watches and pretty things. I’m sure my hubby would be happy to buy me a new Fossil if I asked him, but if I really want something like that, I tend to buy it myself. I never pay full price, and I shop around for the best deal. He doesn’t usually look at prices and buys the subject of his search as soon as he finds it.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love. Love is expressed in countless ways. Flowers and chocolate are wonderful gifts. I love receiving them as much as anyone else. Yet when my husband comes to my office and asks for my keys only to bring my car back with new tires and tells me he bought them because I needed them, that’s when I feel most loved.

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