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Treasure Hunting with My Mom

Today was a rare day. While I’m off every Friday unless I’m working overtime, my mom has a Monday through Friday job. She told me last week that she was planning to take a vacation day today so we could spend some time together. I made certain I had a clear schedule and told her I’d pick her up fairly early. That was as far as our plans went.

I arrived at Mom’s house around 8:00 a.m. and asked her how she’d like to spend the day. She told me that I could choose, so I named off a few activities. One of the things I mentioned was attending the Webb City City-Wide Sale. She eagerly told me she’d like to go, so we hopped in my car and took off on our adventure.

We stopped at our first sale, and my mom offered the lady in charge a friendly good morning and chatted with her in the most pleasant way. The lady was a master at customer service. Every time we’d pick something up, she offered to put it in a box for us so we could keep our hands free. She answered our questions and even carried our purchases out to the car. I have no doubt she enjoyed a successful sale.

We stopped at sale after sale and my car filled up fast. Just when I thought the car couldn’t hold anything else, Mom bought a huge box of cookbooks. I had to get creative in rearranging our load in order to make room for the huge box. Since we were close to my house, I decided to go home and unload some of my treasures to make room for more.

My husband was home when we arrived, so he helped us unload my loot. In all fairness, not all of it was for me. I had a couple things for him and some toys and books for our grandchildren. I also bought a potty chair, which took up a fair amount of room in my backseat. My grandson is potty training, and I thought we’d have better luck if we offered an option that was his size.

We found a few more sales after unloading my stuff and then headed back to Mom’s house. By the time was got there, it was raining. We unloaded her purchases in record time and then collapsed on the comfy furniture in her living room. We were both exhausted.

It was a great day. Mom told me over and over again how much fun she had. We both scored some fabulous bargains. Mom bought a king size quilt for $5.00. I bought a box containing one Dutch oven, two sauce pans, and three skillets for $10.00. While we enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, the mother/daughter time was the real treat.

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