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Time to Gather Canning Supplies

I had something special planned for my post today. Like most of my grand plans, this one didn’t turn out quite the way I imagined. I was going to post a tutorial video showing you how make and can cherry jam.

I spent a couple hours picking cherries today. Even with what I picked earlier in the week, I don’t have enough to make the jam yet because my black cherries are so small and are mostly stone/pit. There are still several on the tree that are not quite ripe yet.

While I can’t post a video I haven’t made, I can go over supplies required to make cherry jam. It’s important to make sure you have everything you need prior to beginning the process. Once underway, there are very few stopping points.

You will need a food processor, stockpot, saucepan, ladle, boiling bath canner with jar rack, canning jars, canning rings, canning flats, wide mouth funnel, jar lifter, at least two thick dish towels, a couple of pot holders, Sure-Jell, sugar, butter, and dry place where your jam can sit undisturbed for 24 hours.

A cherry pitter is also great if your cherries aren’t too small to use one. Mine are too small. The recipe is inside the Sure-Jell box, so you don’t need to worry about finding one. You will want small jars such as half pint or pint. Quart jars are way too big for jam unless you eat a lot of it.

You can find canning and jam making supplies at most farm & home stores, big box stores, grocery stores, and some dollar stores. You can also order them from several places online. You can find them with a quick Google search.

My favorite place to obtain nonperishable canning supplies is a good yard sale, which is where I bought my boiling bath canner, my pressure canner, and many canning jars. Estate sales are also good places to look.

If you’ve never used a canner before, there are several great books on the topic. I own books from both Ball and Kerr, the two main canning supply manufacturers. All of mine are easy to follow and understand.

I haven’t given up on making a video. If I succeed, I’ll post it at a later date. Next week is already book because it’s time for the Author Spotlight.

Mystery Novelist, Marty Knox is Ozarks Maven’s June Author Spotlight. Marty is a dynamic lady who has perfected the art of telling a story. She’s provided me with a great interview that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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