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The Space Needle in Seattle, Washington Offers a Unique Experience

Today has been a great day! I’m currently on a business trip in the beautiful state of Washington. I slept like a rock last night and woke up ready for a fabulous day.

The first session of the day was a presentation from a community action agency that lost its main office in a fire.

Theirs is a story of loss and triumph. The fire gutted their building on a Saturday, and they started seeing clients again on Wednesday. They used boxes as chairs and cell phones as computers. They were brought back to days of paper and pens for their paperwork.

They are making a comeback, and are now much stronger from the experience. Their story started my day with hope.

This evening, some of my peers and I hired a car to take us into Seattle. It’s a gorgeous city, I really didn’t appreciate the mountains, water, and thriving metropolis until I went up in the Space Needle.

If you ever get the change to visit the top of the Space Needle, I highly recommend it. You can see for miles and miles. I saw a sea plane take off, sailboats glide gently through the water, and even a high school football team having practice.

We walked from the Space Needle to the pier and had dinner at one of the many fabulous seafood restaurants there. It’s a very long walk, and my feet are blistered and swollen, but we experienced a lot of Seattle culture by being on the sidewalk with some locals.

I will tell you more about my trip in another post. I’m writing this on my cell phone because my tablet keeps telling me the hotel WIFI isn’t secure and refuses to let me use it.

Until next time, my friends, thank you for reading Ozarks Maven!

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