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The Sale Shall Go On!

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2020 is the year of cancellations. Nearly everything I planned to attend this year was cancelled. All of my business trips, my writing trips, and my vacation with my husband never reached fruition. I know we need to be careful due to the pandemic, but it’s still disheartening. That’s why what would normally bring me a little joy is now delighting me to the point of dancing.

Carl Junction’s fall city-wide sale is this weekend. Yes, they’re really having it! I’m excited that it wasn’t cancelled. I’ve been watching the Chamber of Commerce’s website and Facebook page for updates. There are over 55 registered sales this year.

My bestie and I love treasure hunting. It’s the one thing we make time to do together. The sale to which we look forward the most was cancelled last spring, and it broke our hearts. We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to get out and see what’s available in other municipalities, so we can get our rummaging fix.

Both of us are busy women. She has two active teen boys, a husband, and a full-time job. Her weekends are usually booked. I have a full-time job, blog, several groups, husband, and family who don’t live with me but still need me for various things. My time is precious.

When I read the CJ city-wide was a go, I did a happy dance. I never know what I’m going to find at a yard sale. I bought my first Keurig at a yard sale for $20.00, and it included coffee and a refillable basket. I’ve bought art, designer purses, good shoes, clothes, furniture, books, jewelry, things for the kitchen, and a variety of other items.

I’ll never forget the year I scored a double handle Wolfgang Puck heavy duty skillet for next to nothing. I love that pan and use it at least once a week. Then there was the year I bought half a gallon of industrial foaming hand soap for 25 cents. I happened to have a foaming hand soap dispenser, and I got my money’s worth out that purchase. It lasted nearly a year.

I scored my laptop carry case for $2.00, and it has plenty of room for my laptop, mouse, charging cord, and a couple of spiral notebooks. It’s perfect for meetings. Then there was the year I bought a new queen size Ralph Lauren comforter still in its zipper bag for $7.00. That comforter lasted a good ten years before I took it off my bed and gave it to my dog. The list goes on.

I often buy things for my loved ones while I’m out rummaging. This year is no different. I’m looking for some specific things for certain people. I have a list, including sizes, written on an index card that I will carry in my back pocket for quick reference. That way, I won’t be forced to call or text and hope the person gets back to me before I leave the area.

Whether I find anything or not, it’s about spending time with my bestie while enjoying the thrill of the hunt together. Don’t worry, we’ll be careful. We have our masks, a small can of Lysol, and plenty of hand sanitizer.

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