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The Kindle Ap is Technology I Can Embrace

I’m slowly but surely coming into this decade. If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you know that technology is not my friend. I’m making strides to correct that, but the struggle is mighty.

I ordered a new phone last week. It’s not the latest or greatest phone. Its release was May of 2018, so it’s officially the newest technology I’ve ever tried to learn. Being a different brand than I have used before has caused a bit of a transitional period, but I’m getting there. I was grateful for one of the bells and whistles in particular yesterday.

My hubby and I had planned to run out and grab a few things. I climbed up into his truck in good faith. He hadn’t said a word about shopping for lumber. He hadn’t mentioned needing a new rachet. He hadn’t even hinted at needing a jack stand. These were all surprises once we were under way.

There is one home improvement store that I absolutely despise for the way I’ve been treated in the past. I don’t go there unless absolutely necessary. They don’t need any of my hard-earned money. So, I waited in the truck while my hubby ran in to grab “just one thing.”

I went in to the next home improvement store with him. When he mentioned he needed to stop at the third one, I started to fume. I told him I would wait in the truck and try to finish programming my phone. There are only so many chainsaws and types of lumber I can look at in one day.

I chose my background, ringtones, and screen preference. While I was messing around with it, I noticed my Kindle ap just hanging out like it has on my last four phones. I had never used it on any of my phones, only on my tablet. Since my hubby wasn’t back yet, I decided to change that.

I can’t believe I waited so long to utilize such a wonderful piece of technology. I downloaded a book I was already reading and the ap asked me if I wanted to begin reading where I’d left off. It was glorious! I’d read around 20 pages by the time he returned and headed toward the grocery store, which was where I thought we were going in the first place.

I had heard of people reading books on their phones before, but it never held an appeal for me until now. I was so impressed that I continued using the ap while on my lunch break today. I was able to read another chapter without worrying with my tablet or Kindle.

Technology changes so fast that it makes me dizzy. I resist change, but I’m not too stubborn to admit when something is a good idea. Putting books on cell phones was a stroke of genius. I’m happy I finally embraced this change.

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