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The Gift of Mystery for Mom

My mom’s birthday is this weekend, and I wanted to give her a copy of my new anthology as part of her gift. The copies I ordered through Sleuth’s Ink Mystery Writers won’t be here until after her birthday, so I ordered a copy from Amazon. It wouldn’t be any fun to make her wait to open part of her birthday present. She deserves her entire gift all at once.

I pre-ordered the ebook version, so I’ve been enjoying this great book for a few days. Even so, holding the physical book in my hands makes my heart race and thrills travel up and down my spine. I’ll admit it; I danced around my house in joy when I opened the package containing the book.

Sleuths' Cover

“Lost Sheep” isn’t your typical mystery. I wrote it to be light-hearted and fun. The characters are from my favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Little Bo Peep teams up with Little Red Riding Hood to find Bo’s missing sheep.

Lost Sheep in Sleuths'

I enjoy skipping around when I read an anthology. I also like to go back and check facts given in earlier chapters when I read a novel. That’s a bit of a challenge with an ebook. Of course, I’ve always preferred reading a paper book over reading on a device. I’m old-fashioned that way.

You can’t beat a Kindle, Nook, or tablet when you’re traveling, though. You can start a new book immediately after finishing your last one. This comes in really handy when flights are delayed or rerouted. You can take hundreds of books with you in your carry-on through the magic of ebooks. I speak from experience.

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