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The First Two Episodes of Sally’s Secret Legacy are on Kindle Vella

I’m so excited! I did something over the weekend that I’ve been contemplating for the last couple of years. I uploaded my very first episode to Kindle Vella. Here’s the link: Episode #2 Stormy Embrace goes live today. You should be able to access it with the same link if I’m not mistaken. An easy way to find it is to go the Kindle Store on Amazon and search my name, Margarite Stever. If you search by the title, you’ll find it on page two or three.

You may remember me talking about my novel, Legacy of Secrets. Well, I had to change the title because that one was taken. The new title is Sally’s Secret Legacy. I was sad to lose the title I gave my book so many years ago when I began this journey, but I sure didn’t want to use the same title as someone else’s book. That would have been confusing.

If you aren’t familiar with Kindle Vella, it’s an Amazon platform where books are uploaded in a serial format one episode at a time. Anyone can read the first three episodes for free. Then you buy tokens, which are incredibly inexpensive, to unlock new episodes. Think about the old serials printed in mystery magazines in the 50s, and that’s basically what it is except online instead of in a print magazine for which you have to wait until the next month to discover what happened next.

I plan to upload two to three episodes a week. Sally’s Secret Legacy has been finished for a while, but I don’t feel like it’s perfect. I’ve come to terms with the fact that it will never be perfect. I poured my heart, soul, and myself into this book, and I want to share this story with the world. Kindle Vella seems to be a great place to start.

Sally’s Secret Legacy is about Sally’s quest to restore the farm that had once belonged to her grandparents. Along the way, she reconnects with a childhood friend, Jake, who quickly becomes a sizzling flame, develops a sweet relationship with a foster child, and finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery. Then she’s forced to deal with threats to her life, illegal items her property, and the fact that many of the things she has believed her entire life are lies.

As she learns more and more family secrets, she can’t shake the feeling Jake is keeping a secret of his own. Can she really trust him?

As my first novel, this book is my baby. It’s been incredibly difficult to bring it out into the world. However, there comes a time when all younguns must leave the nest, so I’m setting Sally’s story free. I feel like a huge anvil has been lifted off my shoulders. I had no idea how much stress my unpublished book was causing me. My characters were screaming at me to be released into the world.

If you like paranormal romantic suspense, please check out Sally’s Secret Legacy, and let me know what you think. You can check it out here:

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