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The Eclipse Made a Perfect Date

My husband and I made a date of viewing the eclipse yesterday. I took a day of vacation, and even though we had a small hiccup in the form of a broken dryer, we followed through with our plans. We enjoyed a picnic in the woods and then donned our special viewing glasses. We reclined side by side in the bed of our truck and enjoyed the celestial show accompanied by the sounds of birds, bees, and other critters. We were unable to get any decent pictures of the eclipse. The ones we took just showed the bright light of the sun.

The eclipse covered 95% of the sun in our location. My husband and I were both surprised that we didn’t experience more darkness. While the sunlight dimmed, it was almost like putting on a pair of dark sunglasses. There was an eerie feel to the air. It was like we instinctively knew there was something exceptional happening.

We were most surprised by the drop in the temperature. It was 90 degrees when we arrived at our location. An hour later, when the sun was the most obscured from view, the temperature was 84 degrees. The southern breeze felt more like we experience during the fall than in the dog days of summer. The sudden temperature change when combined with the weak sunlight actually gave me the chills.

As the moon began to leave the sun to shine in all its glory, my husband and I went for a hike through the woods. We observed amazing moon shadows through the trees. Neither of us have ever seen anything like it before. Therefore, we took some pictures.


My husband and I don’t spend much time together due to our work schedules. He has been fascinated with all things celestial since he was a little boy. When I heard about the eclipse, I knew that I could give him a perfect date.

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