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The Confidence to Wear Socks with Holes

My favorite socks have holes worn in them where they rub my shoes at the ankles. These are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn, and I can’t find more like them. I’ve looked everywhere. I have plenty of socks that are in great condition, but they just aren’t as comfortable.

This sort of love of comfort runs in my family. I remember one summer when I was about twelve years old. A couple of my cousins, my sister, and I were staying with Grandma on the farm. Grandma was folding laundry and threw out a pair of my cousin’s undies that she deemed were worn out.

He was extremely upset, and I still remember that explosive argument. They yelled back and forth for quite a while. He took them out of the trash, told her that was his favorite pair, and she couldn’t throw them away. She snatched them from him, tossed them back into the trash, and told him they were full of holes. He said they were still good. You get the idea.

I’ll never forget how Grandma ended the argument. She said, “Yeah, they’re good ones, but they have holes in them. You have better ones. Wear them.”

I remember Grandma’s words every time I put on my favorite socks. I actually feel guilty, but I still wear my holey socks. Comfort is more important to me than vanity these days. I long ago ceased dressing to impress other people.

I have some nice clothes, but I choose to wear jeans and T-shirts the majority of the time. I wear athletic shoes, boots, or flip flops. I used to spend hours selecting my outfits when I was younger. Now, it only takes me a few minutes of a morning to make my decisions and get dressed.

Middle age has brought me a confidence that I never expected. I’m happy in my own skin, confident in my abilities, and secure in my intelligence. I finally have some healthy self-esteem, which was sorely lacking in my youth.

Thanks to that confidence, I’ll wear socks with holes in them if I want. My husband says that’s one of the things that makes me eccentric. I can live with that.

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