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Technology is My Weakness, but That’s Okay

Technology can be our friend or foe. It’s usually not very friendly with me. I’ve had my Motorola cell phone for nearly two years and still don’t know how to use all of its functions. I can Zoom if someone sends me an invitation, but don’t ask me to initiate it. I have cursed every system update on all of my devices for years.

It was only through an overheard conversion between two of my fellow writers that I learned my Kindle has a function that will read my books to me in a robot voice. It isn’t Audible. It’s part of the built-in settings. I had no idea! Now I can listen to a book while I fold laundry, wash dishes, and do a myriad of other things.

When WordPress changed to their new Block Editor, I sat down and cried. Everything was different. I spent hours researching before I figured how to insert a picture. It took me a good three weeks and scads of research to figure out how to place my Amazon ads and make them look like they did before. It’s a far more complicated process now, and I hate it.

They say I can return to the classic editor, but that’s not exactly true. I can return one block at a time to the classic editor, which doesn’t help me at all. I think I’ve finally got it down good enough to function, but proficiency is a long way off.

My husband’s cell phone overheated while he was working on our land a couple of weeks ago. It became wonky and randomly restarted several times a day. He tried to limp along with it, but he was missing important work-related calls and messages due to the phone’s new glitches.

He researched various models before he visited his service provider’s local office. He was happy with the model he chose, but it wasn’t the one he had anticipated purchasing. The service representative was quite helpful and told him the model he purchased would do everything he needs without costing nearly as much as the one he’d planned to buy.

His provider spreads the cost of the phone over several months. The cost of the new phone only increased his monthly bill by $6.00, which made him happy. Now he just has to learn to use his new piece of technology.

The first thing he told me was he had to buy new chargers. His new phone has a different size charging port than any of his previous ones. The good news for him is that he now uses the same size charger as me. The bad news is I only have two, and one of them is at work.

Remember the good old days when the same charger would work for all of your cell phones, tablets, and Kindles? Those were the days, and I sure do miss that simplicity.

Given his daily use, he charges his phone more than once a day. He has a bedroom charger, living room charger, vehicle charger, and work charger. We came up with the idea of multiple chargers because he kept leaving his original one in various places and had to go get it time after time. It became mighty inconvenient to drive to his place of employment for his charger on his day off when we had plans that were nowhere close to that location.

He’ll figure out the nuances of his phone in no time because he has a more tech-friendly mind than me. While he’ll have everything all figured out, I’ll still be bugging the heck out of my young friends and step-children for help with mine.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Technology is one of my weaknesses. I endeavor to conquer it at every turn, but it changes too quickly for me to properly slay it. That’s okay, though. My talents lie elsewhere.

I wish you great health and happiness, my friends!

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