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Striving to Do a Job Well

I take a lot of satisfaction and pride in a job well done. Even simple things like finally getting all of my family’s dishes done and put away after a big meal make me happy. I endeavor to do everything to the best of my ability. I was raised to do a job right or not at all.


I have lists and reminders all over the place. I have sticky notes and spreadsheets. I have email loops and Messenger threads. Just when I think I have everything under control, I learn that I’ve forgotten something. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing and resisting the urge to pull my hair out. Mass quantities of chocolate have been consumed.

I was looking over my speaker list when I realized that I may have actually done a good job. I went about it in a different way than my predecessors, but this conference is going to happen. The guest speakers seem amazing, and I’m excited to meet all of them. Our member speaker is a wonderful lady who has been supportive, informative, and encouraging through this process. She’s a knowledgeable and charismatic speaker. She keeps her audience engaged while imparting her seeds of wisdom.

I’ve been buried in the details for so long that I hadn’t stopped to look at how things have come together. This is going to be a good conference. If everyone shows up with positive attitudes and the equipment all functions, we should have a good time. That’s my goal. I want our members to have fun and learn new things that will improved their writing careers.

I’ve learned a great deal this year, and I’m taking steps to assure a smooth transition to the next president. I can’t claim it’s a job well done yet, but I believe it just may end that way.

I always try. I may not always succeed, but I fail by default if I don’t even try.

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