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“Strength” by Ella Wheeler Wilcox for My Friends Who Need Encouragement

I have many blessings in my life. I have a sturdy roof over my head, people who love me, a job I actually like, and fair health. I have plenty of food and clean drinking water. I will have at least four stories published this year, and one of them is in a huge publication. I will celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary in a few months, and I’m happy to say that my husband and I still love each other. Yes, my life is pretty good.

Not everyone can say the same. I know a few people who are struggling mightily right now. Their difficulties are beyond my ability to render assistance. All I can do is listen to their woes, offer kind words, and pray for them.

I want to offer encouragement to everyone going through a rough time. I found this delightful poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, which I believe perfectly conveys the feeling I wish to impart.

STRENGTH By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Who is the strong? Not he who puts to test His sinews with the strong and proves the best; But he who dwells where weaklings congregate, And never lets his splendid strength abate.

Who is the good? Not he who walks each day With moral men along the high, clean way; But he who jostles gilded sin and shame, Yet will not sell his honour or his name.

Who is the wise? Not he who from the start With Wisdom’s followers has taken part; But he who looks in Folly’s tempting eyes, And turns away, perceiving her disguise.

Who is serene? Not he who flees his kind, Some mountain fastness, or some cave to find; But he who in the city’s noisiest scene, Keeps calm within–he only is serene.

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