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Spring Storm Season is Here

It's Spring Storm Season here in the Ozarks. As I write this post, my area is under a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warning. My phone has been going nuts with weather alerts all day. During the six o'clock news, the TV meteorologist announced a nearby county had already suffered baseball size hail. This storm isn't playing.

I have lived in Tornado Alley my entire life. While I take it seriously, severe weather is a normal part of my life. I've seen horrible devastation, and I understand that nothing stops Mother Nature when she throws a tantrum. I've seen firsthand the damage from the Joplin tornado and the Carl Junction tornadoes.

While tornadoes are the thing that scares most people, and rightly so, I want to talk about another springtime concern today - hail. Have you ever been caught outside during a hailstorm? I have. Believe me, it feels like a thousand ball ping hammers are relentlessly beating you at the same time. Not only does it hurt the flesh and blood, it also damages and destroys property.

Around here, the hail usually ranges in size from that of a quarter to a golf ball. I've seen baseball size a time or two, and I hope to never see it again. One hailstorm can cause a lot of expensive damage.

I have replaced a few windshields and lost serious trade-in value thanks to hail. Some of my neighbors had to replace the roofs on their homes. I've also seen holes in siding, broken windows, pummeled plants, and destroyed lawn furniture.

Funny Story: When I was a small child, I thought hail was called "hell" and would pronounce it that way. Imagine my surprise when I started kindergarten and talked about a recent hell storm. My teacher corrected me real quick after some of the other kids accused me of cussing. It was one of the many things I learned that year.

Due to the storm and my propensity for losing power, I'm going to cut this post short tonight. I wish you all a safe and pleasant week. Keep an eye on that spring weather.

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