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Sometimes a simple t-shirt can strike up an interesting conversation.

I’m often amazed at the people who walk up to me in public places to talk to me. Most of the time when that happens, the people want to talk about the shirt I’m wearing. You see, I don’t wear normal shirts during my nonworking hours. I enjoy interesting graphics or inspiring quotes adorning my clothing. I wear fierce beasts of prey, cute cuddly critters, glittery cocktails, mythological creatures, sage advice about leaving me alone while I write, pristine landscapes, and super heroes.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my six month visit. The nurse who checked me in told me that she loved my Wonder Woman shirt and asked if I had seen the movie. I explained that I saw it twice on opening weekend and now own it on DVD. She’s a big fan of my favorite super hero, so we talked for quite a while.

Then the doctor came in, saw my shirt, and asked if I had seen the movie. I explained that I had seen it twice and now own the DVD. We discussed how men perceived the strong female lead as opposed to how women perceive her. My doctor is brilliant, and I love talking to her about all kinds of things. She’s purchasing the DVD this weekend.

Later in the afternoon I was at the grocery store trying to decide between a couple different products when a woman approached me and asked, “Have you seen the movie yet?” I was confused at first because I was standing in front of the Mountain Dew display. Then I realized I was wearing one of my Wonder Woman t-shirts. We chatted for a little while about Wonder Woman the character, the movie, the show, the comics, and the merchandise. She told me about a lady who owns an extensive collection and asked if I knew her. I didn’t, but I would like to meet her.

I am not without critics. Many people have taken it upon themselves to sneer at my choice of clothing. I’ve been told that I’m too old to dress that way I do. That’s fine. I wear what I like and apologize to no one. Life is too short to worry about who might not like my style choice. It was only after I stopped trying to please other people that I started having conversations in public places with strangers who happen to like what I’m wearing.


In case you are wondering, this is the shirt I wore yesterday. It’s one of my favorites.

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