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Shopping local includes supporting your local writers.

We’re all familiar with the campaign to support local businesses. I shop local whenever possible. I believe it’s important to support my entire community. My community includes my writing colleagues. I belong to two writers’ organizations, The Joplin Writers’ Guild and The Ozarks Writers League. We have a strong writing community.

I try to recommend the work of people I know and respect over those household names that every reader can identify. I mean no disrespect to authors who have made big names for themselves. I quite enjoy their books, myself. However, writers who aren’t backed by the big publishing houses must market their own work. More time is often spent on marketing than on story creation.

I have many friends and colleagues with books available. These books make great gifts as well as fabulous additions to your own library. My friends Jane Shewmaker Hale, Joyce Valdois Smith, Larry Wood, and Billie Holiday Skelley all have great books available. Mysteries of the Ozarks Volume V has work by 19 writers from the Ozarks if you’re looking for short story collections.

If you are looking for something to read or a nice gift idea, I encourage you to check out these great books written by members of my writing community. I also encourage you to check out the local author section of a book store near you. I know the authors who live and write in your area would appreciate it.

I received word today that my upcoming publication is available for pre-order. My romantic short story, “Once Upon a Winter Storm,” is included in Legends: Passion Pages, which is set to be released December 25th. Merry Christmas to me!

Proceeds from Legends: Passion Pages will benefit The American Heart Association. We writers are not being paid for our stories to allow more money for heart disease research. I’m proud to be part of such a noble project. I don’t have an e-book link yet, but hard copies can be ordered through the Grey Wolfe Publishing website, Grey Wolfe Publishing. Legends: Passion Pages doesn’t come out in time for Christmas, but would make a great gift for your valentine or something to enjoy while curled up in front of the fire.

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