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Sharing the Love of Chicken Soup for the Soul

I’m one loved lady. Sometimes I don’t realize what a great support system I enjoy. I was blown away by the number of my family and friends who attended my first book signing at the library on October 26th. That’s why I was so shocked at how many came to see me at my second book signing last Saturday at Always Buying Books.

Many of the same family and friends attended both signings. I had a couple of cousins who were visiting from Michigan stop by for some autographed books. My favorite doctor, my chiropractor, even made it out to acquire some signed reading material, shop around the store, and enjoy chatting with everyone.

The highlight of my Chicken Soup for Soul book signing was when Billie and I were approached by a boy who was probably ten or eleven years old. He was accompanied by his mom and his teacher. He shyly asked us how we got our stories published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and if we had any tips to give a story a better chance.

He explained that he wants to write a story about his experience with a house fire. He thinks it would make a great addition to such a wholesome publication. While visiting with the boy and his mom, we learned the fire was caused by a lightning strike and they lost the top floor of their home to the fire.

We visited with him for a long time. We explained the submission requirements such as word count, font, and how the stories must be true and written in first person. We told him about our own experiences and encouraged him to write his story. We told him where to find the open calls and submission instructions.

I love being surrounded by my loved ones and sharing the words of my heart with them. However, the opportunity to inspire a young writer makes me feel like I’m leaving a legacy.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of the books that Billie and I were signing on Saturday, Always Buying Books has a few in stock. You can also order them through my Amazon links or find them at your favorite book retailer.

Write on, my friends!

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