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Sharing Halloween Joy with My Grandchildren

Today’s post will be a bit short. There are a few reasons for that, but the main reason is I wanted to spend Halloween with my grandchildren. It’s all about priorities.

When I was invited to go trick-or-treating with all three of my grandchildren, there was no way I was going to turn them down. A year ago, I could barely walk across a room, and this Halloween I followed my grandbabies from house to house through an entire neighborhood while enjoying their wonder and glee. Life is very good.

You might be wondering why I didn’t write my post a few days ago. Well, I’ve been travelling. I spent four days in Minneapolis, Minnesota for business. I arrived home Friday night after a 10-hour car ride, went to bed around 11:00 p.m., and got up at 5:30 a.m. the next day to drive to Branson for an Ozarks Writers League conference. I spent Sunday doing laundry and recuperating. I worked a full day on Monday followed immediately by trick-or-treating.

As I write this post at an hour when I should be sleeping on Halloween night, my heart is full. Not only did I spend time with my beautiful grandbabies this evening, but I had quality time with both of my step-kids, their significant others, my oldest grandson’s dad, and some of my stepdaughter’s fiancé’s family. The best part is my husband was there to enjoy the fun with me. He’s missed so much while working nights the past three decades.

My soon-to-be two-year-old grandson, Luca, really got into the fun this year. He was dressed in a costume that’s been passed down in his family, Simba. He made the cutest little lion I’ve ever seen. My grandson, Rye, was dressed as Miles from the Spiderman world, and my granddaughter was my favorite superhero, Wonder Woman. I forgot to ask their parents’ permission, so I won’t be sharing any photos here, but trust me, I got some good ones.

As I walked around my stepdaughter’s neighborhood listening to the kids screech in joy, I was taken back to my own childhood and the magic of Halloween. Dressing up as a cherished character or some sort of professional, such as a doctor or pilot, was only half the fun. Seeing my neighbors’ faces light up as they opened their doors and offered me a treat was my favorite part.

I dressed up as Wonder Woman many times as a kid. The costumes of the 1970s were nothing like the amazing offerings available now. In my day, if the costume was store-bought, it was plastic. My mom would buy the plastic mask and make my costume, usually out of polyester. She was a talented seamstress, but I have always detested that heavy, indestructible polyester double-knit.

The people in my hometown were very kind to the trick-or-treaters. Every time I knocked on my next-door neighbor’s door in my vaguely similar to Wonder Woman ensemble, Dorothy would smile and tell me how pretty I was. She made me feel like I was Wonder Woman’s mirror image. Then she would give me a homemade popcorn ball, which was the most delicious I’ve ever had, and tell me to have fun but be careful. Everyone should have a neighbor like her.

Madison made a far better Wonder Woman than I. Her costume included everything from the tiara to the boots. She’s a girl after my heart as she even had the poses down. I enjoyed watching her antics so much, they gave me some great Christmas ideas.

I don’t think there’s anything that can compete with the unabashed joy of a child on Halloween. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this special night in my grandkids’ lives this year. I will forever cherish the memories I made tonight.

I hope you made some beautiful memories, too.

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