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Saving Money on Blood Glucose Testing Supplies

Saving money is something that I always endeavor to do in all aspects of my life. My medical supplies are no different. I’ve owned many blood glucose meters over the years. They all functioned satisfactorily. Most of the time when I’ve changed meters, it’s been because I found a more economical one with less expensive test strips. There was only once that I switched because the manufacturer stopped making strips to fit my meter.

Over the years I’ve been able to whittle down my blood testing expenditures. My second blood meter was also around $20.00, but a of box 50 test strips for it was $25.00 online. That was cheaper than my insurance copay, which was still $35.00 at the pharmacy.

I’m always on the lookout for reasonably priced testing supplies. I recently purchased a new meter because I learned that I could buy a box of 100 test strips for less than $30.00 both online and at the store. So, how much was the meter? The meter was on sale for $9.00. The regular price was approximately $18.00.

I purchased a box of 25 test strips today because the store was sold out of the boxes of 50 and 100. When my test strips rang up for $5.00, the cashier started asking me questions. One of her regular customers bought a box of test strips this morning and paid over $80.00 for it. She was curious about the difference between my $5.00 box and the other lady’s $80.00 box of strips. Without knowing what she used, I really couldn’t give my friendly cashier a good analysis.

Honestly, the goal of a blood glucose meter is to test your blood. My meter is a plain model with a limited memory. It doesn’t talk to me or give me a running average. I can’t connect it to my phone via Bluetooth. It doesn’t email my doctor or sound an alarm if I have a high or low reading. It gives me my blood glucose reading every morning, and the rest is up to me. I’m currently using a ReliOn Prime.

I’m sure the other lady had a box of 100 strips as opposed to my box of 25. There may be a reason that her doctor wants her to use a certain kind of testing meter. She may be afraid to shop around for one reason or another. Learning to use a new machine is scary for some people. She may not know that she can shop around. Some folks don’t even think about switching testing supplies because the doctor or pharmacist recommended a certain brand of meter when they were first diagnosed, and they believe it’s their only option.

I believe in asking questions. I talk to both my doctor and my pharmacist. I conduct my own research. I read health articles and product reviews. I look at what my insurance will pay or if they even cover anything. I check the prices in my local stores and then compare them to prices online. I can usually get a better deal online than by using my insurance copay at the pharmacy.

I purchase most of my testing supplies online. Meters, strips, lancets, lancing devices, and pen needles can all be ordered from Amazon as well as other online retailers, and they’re usually a much better deal than I can find locally.

I work hard for my money. I do my utmost to get the most bang for my buck. I don’t enjoy paying for testing supplies. I prefer to spend my money on new books, good coffee, and peaceful pleasures.

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