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Rare Repair Experience

A great experience when purchasing a product or service is rare these days. I’ve found that service with a smile is such an anomaly that I’m always surprised to receive it. I can’t tell you how tiresome I find being told, “Here ya go,” when someone hands me my lunch.

My car has been having some problems lately. My anti-lock brakes have been misbehaving for a few weeks. I attempted to discern the problem myself before making an appointment with an auto shop. I researched the problem everywhere I could think to check. My philosophy is that you can never have too much information.


It’s a busy time of year for auto repairs, so I had to wait a few days for an opening. I dropped my car off at the shop early this morning. I received a call with the diagnostic results mid-morning. The lady explained that my rear wheel ABS sensor was faulty. She asked if I would like for them to replace it, and told me they could do it this afternoon. She told me how long the repair would take and how much it would cost. I told her that I would like for them to replace the sensor. She called back mid-afternoon to tell me that the work was complete.

I visited the shop’s website on my lunch break and discovered a coupon for 50% off the cost of a diagnostic with the purchase of a repair. When I arrived to retrieve my car, I presented the coupon to the lady at the counter who cheerfully accepted it, and reprinted my ticket.

I’ve had many people get huffy with me when I present a coupon if the paperwork is already printed. She smiled and chatted cheerfully with me while she reprinted my ticket. My coupon saved me $45.00 today. That’s a pretty hefty savings in my book.

As I was backing out of the parking spot, the owner came to out to make sure that I knew exactly what they found and what they did to correct it. He also told me that he noticed my tires were a bit low, so he added air for me. He told me that if I had any more problems to come back.

No one tried to sell me any extra merchandise or services. No one chastised me for where I have my car serviced. No one spoke to me in a condescending or demeaning manner. I have experienced all of the above while having my car serviced or repaired in the past.

I tried this auto shop due to a hearty recommendation from a friend and the proximity to my office. I knew I would be able to get a ride to and from the shop by one my coworkers. I was pleasantly impressed. Actually, I was thrilled with the work and customer service that I received. I plan to use this shop from now on. My car is repaired, and I’m a very happy Hemi driver. A little friendliness and honesty is the best way to win loyal customers. The rest of the industry would do well to take note of this example.

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Update: Several people have asked me where I received such great car repair service. Auto Haus in Joplin, Missouri is the outstanding auto shop that repaired my car and assisted me with friendliness and respect. Replacing the sensor did, indeed, fix the anti-lock brake problem I was experiencing. I will be taking my Charger back to them the next time I need a repair.

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