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Rainy days aren’t so bad.

My husband and I had outdoor plans today. We’ve been planning this outing for quite some time. We woke up this morning to discover that we’ve been rained out. I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that we are being stopped by some mud and rushing water. However, the rain has provided much needed relief from sweltering temperatures. My rose bushes, irises, and lilies are also really enjoying the cool moisture. I know some farmers who are pretty happy with it, too.


Even though our plans had to be cancelled, the day is not lost. We simply adjusted our schedule. We are still together, safe, and comfortable. My husband is relaxing in front of the TV with our dog, Taco. I’m sipping coffee while I write in my study. The kids are watching a movie. My house is peaceful. Life is good.

In a few hours, we will venture out to the sporting goods store to see if there’s anything we can’t live without. We may see a movie or rent one from Redbox if something sounds good. Then we are tossing around the idea of stopping for frozen custard on the way home. None of the above were in our original plans for the day, but we are still enjoying our time at home.

I’m choosing to look at the positive. I’m not sticky with sunscreen and insect repellent. I’m not worried about ticks crawling up my leg. I’m in no danger of falling in the river or being bitten by a snake. I have access to indoor plumbing.

Life often throws us unexpected curve balls. We can let the unexpected ruin our day, or just take a swing at it and see what happens.

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