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Pursuing My Dream

One of the things I do as a writer is submit my work to various publications in the hopes that my stories, poems, and nonfiction pieces will find homes. Nothing brings my heart joy like seeing my words on a page or screen with a nice byline. I’ve been fairly successful in my endeavors, and I’ve enjoyed 13 publications thus far. My 14th and 15th publications will be released later in the year.

I’ve been in the final selection phase of a major publication for a few months. I was elated to receive confirmation today that they have accepted my memoir for their upcoming Christmas book. More information about the book’s release will be forthcoming in a couple of months. They have requested I not engage in any PR regarding this book until closer to the release date.

I submitted my memoir to them in January of 2018. They notified me that it was under serious consideration a few months ago. Truthfully, I’d assumed they weren’t interested since it had been over a year since my submission. I barely remembered submitting the piece. I’m so glad I was wrong.

I decided I wanted to be a writer when I was 12 years old. I had grand dreams of becoming a bestselling author by age 30. That didn’t happen. I had one published poem by that age, but my dream was firmly on hold so I could focus on making a living and caring for my family.

I didn’t get serious about submitting my writing to publishers until about six years ago. I didn’t even know that my renewed efforts had been successful until I saw my name in a book that I’d had on my nightstand for two months. I’d missed the email informing me I had placed in their competition and was going be published in the 2014 Writers Digest Show Us Your Shorts Collection. By the time I found the email, my voucher (my prize) for their online store had expired. That didn’t matter, though. I was still beyond myself with joy at the discovery.

I experience pure elation each time I have a story, poem, or nonfiction piece published. The world looks a little brighter, and I can’t help but break out into my happy dance. My dance is pretty ridiculous, but it’s how I express my happiness and pride. It’s also good for me to move around a little more. Writing is a stationary activity.

I’m anxious to share the details of my latest acceptance with all of you. I’m sure they will be sending me a news release to share soon. I’ve been told to expect a call from their public relations company within the next month or two, which will be a new experience for me.

Your dreams are precious. Don’t give up on them just because life makes you put them on hold for a while. I took a 20-year hiatus, and I’m finally pursuing mine with a vengence.

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