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Plans Change if My Family Needs Me

My plans for yesterday were simple. I was going to get my hair cut, do some laundry, buy groceries, clean my house, and spend several hours cocooned in my study so I could write. That’s not even close to how I spent my day.

I turned off my alarm the night before, so I slept in a little. I puttered around the house enjoying the silence and thinking about the order in which I was going to accomplish my planned tasks. I was just getting in the shower when a family member texted me and said she was in a great deal of pain from a knee injury and needed me to take her to the doctor. The staff was able to work her in shortly after she called.

I rushed to my loved one’s house, which is roughly half an hour from mine. I knocked on the door, but she didn’t answer. So, I retrieved the key that she gave me many years ago and let myself in. I found her trying to walk to the door, but not making much progress because every step caused her more pain.

I did my best to help her to my car. Unfortunately, I’m not strong enough to carry her, so all I could do was try to help her take the pressure off her knee by supporting some of her weight. We made it to her doctor’s office in record time. The doctor put a brace on her knee and ordered ex-rays, which had to be done at another location. We were advised the ex-ray facility was closing in 45 minutes, so I wasted no time in getting her there.

After she was finished with her ex-rays and had her disk in hand, we grabbed some lunch from a drive-thru and were sitting in her house eating our fast food two hours after I picked her up. Her pain was bearable as long as she stayed in her recliner with her leg elevated. As soon as she got up, the pain would nearly knock her out.

I looked around until I found the walker that she had used when she broke her hip several years ago. I presented the walker to her, and using it has helped her more than anything else. Her knee still hurt, but the walker stabilized her enough that she was able to move around a little.

I stayed with her for a few hours and did my utmost to entertain her. I’m sure she sick of seeing pictures of my grandchildren now. She was resting in her recliner and watching TV when I left in her in the care of another loved one. He promised to make sure she had a good dinner and call me if I was needed.

I will be checking on my injured loved one before I do anything else today. I’m glad yesterday was my day off and I was able to help her when she needed me. She apologized several times for ruining my day. I explained that there’s no need for apologies. She didn’t ruin my day at all. We’re family, and that’s what we do. Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! If you’ve enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy, please subscribe to Ozarks Maven, Like Ozarks Maven on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @OzarksMaven.

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