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Panicked Shopping Before the Storm

I live in the path of the major winter storm everyone is worried about right now. Well, it depends on which meteorologist you believe whether it will hit us or not. I’ve heard forecasts for everything from a dusting of snow to several inches of accumulation. I’ve even heard a thunderstorm prediction. The forecast changes hourly. No one seems certain of how much snow and ice we should expect tomorrow.

I bought standard necessities yesterday, but I had to wait until today, which is pay day, to stock up on the items that will make life pleasant in the event we’re unable or unwilling to go anywhere this weekend. Personally, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings to curl up with my husband and hibernate for the next two days.

My love and I are simple people and can easily survive on peanut butter sandwiches, chips, and bottled water for several days if we find ourselves without power. While I don’t believe that will be the case this weekend, my instinct to be prepared for any contingency compelled me to lay in extra supplies.

My shopping experience was quite unpleasant. I detest crowds, and around every corner I was met with more and more people. I did my best to avoid the big box store, but ended up there despite my best efforts. I visited three small stores, but none of them had my laundry soap, fresh bread, or Pepsi Zero Sugar.

I shudder to think what the stores will look like in the morning. They were already picked over. Employees couldn’t keep up with stocking the shelves, but they were trying. There were employees and boxes everywhere. The hoards of people were just too fast.

The bread was nearly gone. I watched an elderly woman practically do acrobatics to reach a loaf on the top shelf. I would have helped her, but the lady in the motorized scooter between us was taking up the entire aisle. She was spinning herself in circles, moving forward, and reversing. She couldn’t seem to make a choice. I’d given up getting around her when she turned to me and asked if I’d ever heard of Bimbo Bread. I assured her that it was good stuff, and she finally moved on. Unfortunately, she took the last loaf of Bimbo, so I had to buy Sunbeam.

People panic when the weather is uncertain. I understand and respect that. I was right in the middle of that mob of snow shoppers. Though many of my purchases were my normal pay day haul, I bought several things specifically to have in case of emergency. I certainly don’t want to be forced to go to the store when it’s 14 degrees with a foot of snow outside.

The only thing I know for sure is that we’ll see some snow tomorrow. I prepared as well as possible and plan to stay home this weekend. I have plenty to keep me occupied. I’m way behind on my writing challenges, and my book isn’t writing itself. I also have a conference to plan and pages to critique. When I finish with all of that, my dog really needs a bath. I am never bored.

Wherever you ride out the storms life brings you, I hope you stay warm and safe.

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