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Our 30 Degree Heatwave

It’s 30 degrees outside right now, and it feels like a heatwave after the past two weeks. I went to the doctor and a couple of stores today, and I saw several people running around without jackets. The sun was shining so brightly, it was nearly blinding. People were loving it.

Thanks to the sun, our snow is melting at a rapid rate. The main roads are all completely clear, and I can see my street peeking through the packed snow places. My neighborhood streets are always the worst I traverse, so I’m anxious to see that cracked pavement again.

My even dog voluntarily went outside today. He was happy to spend a few minutes out there while I unloaded the groceries from my car. The poor little guy is a Chihuahua, which is a warm weather dog. He doesn’t like snow one little bit, but he enjoyed the sun on his fur today.

While we’re accustomed to cold winter weather here in Missouri, -15 degrees was a bit much for us. Our power suppliers couldn’t handle the extra load and instituted rolling blackouts. I hope to never experience one of those again.

It won’t be too long, just a few months, before our temperatures will be close to 100 degrees, and we’ll feel like we’re melting. Extreme weather is a part of our region’s climate, but I sure do enjoy mild days like today.

I like spending time at home. As a writer with a full-time day job, I’m always behind on my writing projects. Cold winter days are great for my productivity, especially while I’m sipping a hot beverage. However, the joy of being home and writing is dulled if I’m stuck here and can’t leave. I know it’s psychological, but that’s how I feel.

I’m a person who enjoys my independence. I insist on my own transportation, so I may come and go as I please. That’s why I declined my husband’s kind offer to drive me to work last week when the roads were horrendous. I’m unwilling to be stuck at work without wheels.

He chalks it up as one of eccentricities, but my mom is the same way. It’s about freedom. Besides, if I let someone else drive me around every time the roads are bad, I wouldn’t be such a good driver on the snow and ice.

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