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Only on a Monday

Only on a Monday can you have such a frustrating and comical start to the day. My morning was like something you’d see in a sitcom.

I actually awoke early this morning and was excited by the prospect of accomplishing some things before work. I had a list of things to do that would allow me to relax and enjoy my evening with my husband. I should have known things would not go as planned.

The first hiccup in my morning occurred when I tried to put on my shoes. The left one slipped on like normal. When I slid my right foot into my shoe, I felt something round and sticky lodged in the toe. My immediate thought was something had crawled up in my shoe and fell asleep. My fertile imagination went on overdrive.

I ripped my shoe off my foot and carefully wedged my hand in there. The object was soft and incredibly sticky. It took some wriggling, but I was finally able to work it free. In the process I found three more. I had Cracker Jacks in my shoe!

I’m not completely sure how four caramel kernels managed to find their way into my shoe. My hubby and I had some Cracker Jacks Saturday and we shared a few pieces with Taco, our Chihuahua. I don’t know if he was saving some for later or if someone was just messy. Regardless of how the caramel corn got there, I certainly wasn’t wearing  those sticky shoes today.

I located another pair of shoes and hurriedly finished getting dressed. I glanced in the mirror and to my horror saw a spot on my shirt. So, I had to change into a different one.

By that time, I had lost all of my extra time. I crept out of my bedroom and stepped right in the middle of my cat, Apolo.  I regained my balance and rushed to the kitchen where I  discovered the water bowl he shares with my other cat and my dog was dry with something disgusting looking stuck to the bottom. So, I washed and refilled the water bowl and then topped off their food.

By the time I left my house, I only had 15 minutes to make the 20 minute drive to work. I drove like my hair was on fire. Of course, every light between home and work was red. I made it to work only three minutes late and felt like I had already put in a full day by the time I walked through my office door.

My workday was typical of the last Monday of the month. In other words, I ran through cold molasses on a frozen tundra while juggling swords with a smile. Just kidding. It only felt that way.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Mondays are always eventful, but I hope I don’t have any more quite like this for a while.

Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! I hope you’ve enjoyed my seeds of wisdom and joy.

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