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My Toddler Grandchildren Show Me Simple Joys

Toddlers are interesting little people. There’s never a dull moment with one around. When you have two together, that’s when you know the meaning of the word “frantic.” I’m always amazed at how fast the little ones zip zap around. I don’t see how anyone can keep track of more than one at a time. Daycare workers have my utmost respect. Parents of more than one child under the age of three have my best wishes.


Watching them play brought back fond memories of when my step-kids were growing up. My in-laws would give them tons of candy and then send them home to my husband and me. I was irritated at the time, but I understand now. Watching the kids rush around and have fun warms the deepest recesses of my heart.

There are so many wonderful things to make caring for a toddler easier these days. My granddaughter only has two teeth, so she doesn’t eat much solid food yet. Her parents bought her this amazing thing that looks like a pacifier that you put fruit in. The little one nom noms on it while getting all of the juices and yumminess without the risk of choking. It’s a stroke of genius!

My grandchildren make my life more joyful than I could ever imagine. I didn’t fully appreciate my step-kids when they were little. I was too stressed to enjoy the simple pleasures while I was in mom mode. There was always a ton of laundry, dishes, cleaning, homework, and grocery shopping that needed handled. I guess that’s why grandparents have all the fun. We have joy without the stress.

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