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My Sweet Grandson is Three

My grandson turned 3 years old today. It doesn’t seem possible that he should already be so big. It seems like just last month that my step-daughter told me I would be a nana. I was driving down a busy street in holiday traffic when she sprang her surprise on me. Now I can’t imagine my life without the little guy.

I’ve become a frequent shopper of the toy aisle. I hadn’t visited that section of any store in a really long time. Now I find myself taking a quick look to see if there’s anything that either of my grandkids would like every time I go shopping.

We celebrated on my grandson’s actual birthday this year. It was nice that it worked out where we could. He has the cutest expressions when he gets excited. His eyebrows reach for his hairline; his lips curve up high; and his eyes sparkle with joy.

My husband and I decided to encourage his love of cars this year. We bought him an Emergency garage that has a fire truck, police car, ambulance, CB radio mic, and emergency lights. We also bought him a remote control car that’s controlled with a laser gun. He squealed when he opened them.

I missed this part of the memo, but his party was a pool party. Unfortunately, I wore the jeans I’d worn to work today, so I was a bit warm. I enjoyed sitting in a lounge chair and visiting with a few other party attendees while watching my sweet grandson swim, though. He’s developing into quite a little swimmer.

Grandchildren are precious gifts. I was born to be a nana.

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