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My Staycation

My husband and I took vacation time this week. We’d wanted to travel and have some fun. I had my heart set on visiting Yellowstone National Park, but it’s 2020. With so many people we know suffering from COVID-19 right now, most of them with no clue where they got it, we decided to stay home and spend our time enjoying each other’s company.

We’ve been taking it easy and watching a lot of TV so far. One of our favorite things to do is stream old TV shows. I especially love the ones that have lead-ins. I’ve always had a soft spot for advertising, the older ads being my favorite.

We’ve been watching Car 54, Where Are You? from the early sixties. They’ve had wonderful ads for Camay Soap, Lava Soap, Gleam Toothpaste, Tide, and Prell Shampoo. I enjoy those old ads almost as much as I do the classic comedy.

We’ve also streamed several episodes of Hogan’s Heroes. I’ve always loved that show. It used to be on TV right after school when I was a kid. For the longest time, that was my picture of World War II. It was replaced by a more realistic view as I grew older.

Today we ventured out and about. We got wild and crazy. Okay, not really. We went shopping at a local flea market where I spent a whopping $5.97 on a couple of books. Then we ordered carry-out wood-fire pizza that we brought home for lunch.

It was nice to do something for no other reason than enjoyment. I love looking at old stuff. The flea market has some beautiful grandfather clocks that I just adore. One of them is eight feet tall and about the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Someday, I want one of those grand old time pieces in my living room.

They also have a cuckoo clock that was very close to coming home with me. Hubby was concerned the grandkids would pull on the chains and talked me out of buying it. I may still yet go back and buy the ornately carved walnut clock. I can put it in my study, but do I really need a cuckoo clock? Probably not.

The art is extremely difficult for me to pass up. It’s one of my great weaknesses. I found at least half a dozen paintings I wanted to buy, but I was good and didn’t. I also found some fantastic pottery, but I left that there, as well. It’s too close to Christmas for me to be spending money on myself. It sure is fun to look, though.

Tomorrow night we plan to take a picnic to the woods and watch the sunset. Even though it’s November, we’re having temps in the seventies this week, so we may as well make the most of the it. I’d build a fire for roasting marshmallows, but it’s far too windy to do that safely. We’ll be happy sitting in the bed of the truck, eating sandwiches, and enjoying the Ozarks sunset while the orange, red, and yellow leaves fall around us.

Though we aren’t doing anything exciting for our vacation, we’re still enjoying ourselves. We’re enjoying a much needed a break. We’re resting our minds, bodies, and souls. We’re spending time talking to each other and doing simple things like watching TV together. It’s a pretty good vacation.

Of course, I still want to go to Yellowstone National Park. Perhaps next year.

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