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My Retreat Feeds My Creative Spirit

I attend a women’s writers retreat twice a year, and the time is quickly approaching. This is my time to decompress, relax, and get some writing done without the distractions of my dog, cats, family, job, or noise from the neighbors. There’s always someone or something that needs my attention. I can’t remember the last time I sat down at home and wrote undisturbed for more than 15 minutes.

retreat grounds

My first retreat was an eye-opening experience. I was welcomed by brilliant and generous writers who welcomed me into their group with friendly smiles. Being in the same room with that much creative energy sparked my own, and I wrote approximately 20,000 words that weekend. I average 15,000 words a week when I’m home.

I’ve grown to love the ladies who attend my retreat as much as the time I spend on my writing. Whether we’re visiting about our families and our lives or helping each other through a tough spot, the support we provide to each other is priceless.

I encourage you to find something that relaxes your mind and feeds your spirit. Writing isn’t for everyone. Sometimes all you need to do to accomplish this type of zen is throw a hook and line in the water and wait for a nibble. Simple pleasures are the best.

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