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My Pitch had a Rocky Start, but Ended in Success

I attended the Ozarks Writers League conference over the weekend. It was informative and exciting, as always. This time, however, I took a significant step out of my comfort zone and pitched my book to representatives from two publishing houses.

Someone asked me if pitching scared me. Honestly, I was terrified. I have learned that nothing worthwhile ever comes without strength and courage. I had to forge through my anxiousness if I wanted a chance of my book ever seeing the light of day. One truth has always motivated me to action: if I do not try, I fail by forfeit.

My first pitch was a disaster. The editor was stern, but she was kind enough to offer some guidance regarding my pitch. She pointed out that I was omitting key elements and mentioning things about which editors don’t care. She advised me to revise my pitch, and I gratefully followed her guidance.

After her impromptu pitch critique, she asked me pointed questions about my book. We discussed my characters and plot. By the end of my allotted time, she had offered to read my manuscript if I made my book the first in a three-book series. While I haven’t decided whether I want to write two more books, I deeply appreciate her offer and her guidance.

My second pitch was much better. Thanks to the advice of the first editor, I was far more succinct with my second one. The second editor listened to my pitch, and then asked me several questions. I explained that I had recently received feedback from my beta readers and was working on final edits. She asked if she could keep the pages I had provided prior to my pitch and invited me to submit my manuscript as soon as I finish my edits.

I’m ecstatic with my pitch results! The best part is the second editor is interested in my book as a standalone. I hope to have my manuscript ready to submit in a few weeks. I’m still contemplating the possibility of a series. If I decide to go in that direction, I will certainly submit to the first editor, as well.

Stepping out of my comfort zone is something I do more and more often as I grow older. With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes courage. Perhaps I will soon enjoy the fruits of my wisdom and courage.

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