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My New Grandbaby is Here!

My new grandson is finally here! His name is Luca. He was born November 11, 2020 at 2:03 p.m. He weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and was 19 inches long. He’s my third grandchild and my second grandson.

Luca has a whole host of loving family members anxious to meet him. It feels strange to not be in the hospital waiting room with the rest of the family, anxious for a turn to say hello to our new little guy. Due to COVID-19, the hospital won’t allow any visitors. I can’t say I’m sorry to have missed spending hours and hours sitting on hospital furniture, though.

We will all have a chance to meet our precious bundle once mama and baby are home and settled in. I hope there isn’t a huge influx of family and friends as soon as they arrive home, but that’s probably what will happen. Everyone loves a new baby. I know we’re all excited to cuddle him and tell him how much we love him.

I finally finished my gift to Luca today. My husband and I gave him a nice shower gift, but I always make something special just for my grandchildren when they’re born. I made a bookshelf for my first grandson, a quilt for my granddaughter, and something a little different for Luca.

I want it to be a surprise, and some of the family may read this post before I’m able to present my gift to mama and baby. So, I’m keeping my cards close to my vest on this one.

The project is my third one for this child. The first two failed miserably. I just couldn’t get my hands to do the detailed work I needed for either project. I don’t know why, and I may try to salvage them later. For now, I have my little gift for my new tiny treasure just in time.

When I became a step-mom, I had no idea the joy those two kids would eventually give me in the form of my grandchildren. Being Nana is the best job I’ve ever had. There is nothing in this world sweeter than little arms coming around my neck and “I love you, Nana,” whispered in my ear.

I wish you all good health, and I hope you find joy in your life.

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