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My Latest Adventure in Home Ownership

Home ownership offers many joys. It comes with great responsibilities, too. I love owning my own home. If I decide I don’t like the flooring in my kitchen, I have the ability to change it. If I don’t like the color of my living room, all I have to do is visit the home store for some paint and slap it on the walls. On the other side of that coin, when the water heater spews water all of the place, I’m also the one who has to pay for a new one.

I have learned that if something is going to break, it is going to do so at the worst possible time. My air conditioner went down a while back on a really hot day when I was between pay checks. I was fortunate to have a contractor friend who was able to replace my capacitor for a reasonable price. My water heater went out and spewed water everywhere while I was at work, so I had a nasty mess when I got home. I discovered my deep freeze was on the fritz when I smelled something foul in the garage. I’m not even going to describe what had leaked out of it. My point is that owning my own home is a great pleasure as well as a great big pain in the neck.

My latest home owner adventure happened last night. The kids had stopped by for a visit. It was just about time for me to go to bed when they prepared to leave. They gathered their belongings and their child, so they wouldn’t need to make more than one trip to the car. Once they were both loaded down like pack animals, one of them turned the door knob and discovered the door wouldn’t open. I went to investigate, and sure enough, the inner workings of the lock set had decided to break and the door was stuck.

I’ve switched out so many lock sets that I can pretty much do it in my sleep. Thankfully, I even had a lock set on an interior door that I could use to replace the broken one without making a late night trip to Lowes or Walmart for a new one. That was a happy coincidence because I only recently installed the lock set on that door. I had a plain hall door knob that didn’t lock on it for years. I sure am glad I decided to upgrade!

The first thing I did was remove the lock set from my interior door. Then I tackled the project on the front door. The most difficult part of this project was getting the door open. The latch bolt had broken internally and was stuck in the lock position. I was able to pry it open using my handy dandy letter opener. Then I unscrewed everything and removed the knobs and broken latch bolt. Finally, I installed the lock set from my interior door.

I’m happy this little issue was a simple one to rectify. I occasionally miss the days of being able to call a landlord to solve all of those problems for me. Then I think about being able to truly call my home mine, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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