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My Hubby Can’t Sleep Without His Fan

I grew up in a rural area. Cars driving by our house was a rare occurrence. It was quiet enough at night that I could hear the insects and bullfrogs. I sleep best in that type of environment even though I currently live in a subdivision.

My husband grew up in a large city. His house sat uncomfortably close to a major highway. Therefore, he had a lot of noise when he slept. To cope with it all, he used a fan for white noise. He still insists on having a fan running while he sleeps. He can’t get a good night’s sleep without it.

One of my biggest obstacles in learning to live with him was dealing with his fan. I don’t like it, but I’ve learned to sleep in spite of it. That said, last night our fan broke. My husband, who works nights, turned it on when he came from work around 3:00 a.m. It greeted him with a clunk clunk sound.

He flipped on the light to see what might be causing the problem. It was broken, burned up. So, my darling hubby went out to the garage and brought in the industrial fan my step-son keeps out there for when he’s fabricating. He plugged the monstrosity in and slept like a baby.

I was so not so lucky. My sleep had been interrupted, and the big fan is simply obnoxious. I refuse to allow it to stay, so I stopped at the big box store on the way home from work to buy a small fan.

Have you ever tried to find a small fan in October? It’s not easy. I finally found one. It was $19.00 and a bit smaller than I had in mind. The only other options were big box fans or tall oscillating ones.

I have several book shelves in our bedroom, which take up most of the space. There isn’t room for a big fan in our sleeping space. I accepted my fate and bought the small one. I was able to get one in Jim’s favorite color, so that’s a plus. I hope the new fan makes enough noise to keep him happy while not making so much as to keep me awake.

The struggle for sound sleep is real at my house. Do you prefer sleeping with or without a fan?

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