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My First Ozarks Romance Authors Meeting

I attended my first Ozarks Romance Authors meeting over the weekend. I’ve been a member for a few months, but this is the first time I’ve been able to make the trip. The meeting location is over an hour from where I live, and I’ve had a difficult time clearing my schedule. Something always seems to pop up that requires my attention.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived. I already knew three of the members from other functions, so I knew I’d receive a warm welcome from them even if the others took an instant dislike to me. As it turns out, I had no reason to worry. Walking into that meeting was like coming home.

Once the meeting started, I realized I’d found a fabulous group of people. I don’t know many other romance novelists, so meeting so many all at once was a special experience. Discussing editors, industry norms, the publishing world, and the individual experiences of other romance authors taught me more in three hours than any webinar or class I’ve ever attended.

I value time with authors of all genres because everyone has something to offer. Since I write in several genres, I do my best to stay well rounded. I’ve actually published more nonfiction than I have romance. I hope to change that ratio soon. Now that I’ve found an entire group of romance authors, I may succeed.

Life is too short to deny yourself joy. Find your passion and pursue it with all your heart.

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