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My Cherished Christmas Memory

My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was little. We made a lot of our own things and never wasted anything. Some years were more plentiful than others, but my parents always made Christmas special regardless of how much money we had or what was beneath our tree.

I remember one year in particular when money was scarce. My mom took the suitcase from my closet and asked me if she could borrow one of my Barbies for a while. She promised she’d give it back to me soon. I chose a Barbie for her and didn’t give it another thought. I had more than one Barbie, and I’d been taught not to question my parents.

I noticed Mom was doing a great deal of sewing that fall. She made most of my clothes herself, so I figured she was making my winter wardrobe or a quilt for someone. She cut up clothes that didn’t fit me anymore as well as clothes she no longer wore. Every spare moment was spent at her sewing machine.

We decorated our tree with our family ornaments, and I made paper snowflakes which we hung up around the house. Mom made sure to build the excitement for Christmas. We watched every TV Christmas special and baked cookies for friends and family.

When Christmas morning finally arrived, my stocking was filled with fruit and homemade candy, and I had one big present under the tree. When it was finally time to open gifts, I ripped that wrapping off in record time. Then I froze. My poor little mind was a bit boggled when I revealed my own suitcase. I stared at it until Mom suggested I open it.

I slowly raised the lid of that blue floral case to reveal more Barbie clothes than I’d ever seen. Mom had filled the whole suitcase with new homemade Barbie clothes just for me. My Barbie was reclining on top of her new wardrobe like a queen. She sported a beautiful new yellow dress. There were elegant evening gowns, slacks, sweaters, jackets, business suits, and even a few blankets so my Barbies would take naps with me.

I believe Santa brought me a new coat and some gloves that year. He never forgot to visit me, but sometimes he told me I had enough toys and needed other things. As far as I was concerned, Santa knew everything, so I took him at his word.

Mom and Dad didn’t always have money to spend on gifts, but they wanted me to feel loved. They did a great job of teaching me what Christmas is all about. Christmas means love. Love is best when shared.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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