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My Busy Weekend

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Mine was good for the most part. I picked up my mother-in-law and met my husband and nephew at Mom’s where we had a casual Thanksgiving. I went Black Friday shopping with my bestie and then met some of my dearest friends for a fabulous lunch at a steakhouse.

The highlight of my weekend was seeing both of my grandchildren on Saturday. I didn’t see them at the same time, but I still got to see them. My grandson and step-daughter came over for a few hours early Saturday afternoon. We had a ton of fun with Play-Doh, a blue rubber ball, and my new Red Barron Snoopy that has a spinning propeller and spells out Merry Christmas in lights while playing the Peanuts song.

My granddaughter and her parents came over that evening. I hadn’t seen her in a few months, so spending time with her brought happiness to my heart. She, like her cousin, enjoyed the Play-Doh and Snoopy. She also played in her pink car and ran around for a little while. I was elated when she tried on the Christmas dress I bought her. Not to brag, but my gorgeous granddaughter looked like a princess in that sparkly dress. She’s getting so tall that it’s hard to remember she’s only two years old.

I spent a great deal of time cleaning up after my terminally ill dog. He can’t help the messes he makes, and someone has to clean them up. I just want to make his last days, however many there are, happy. I did laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Part of it was due to the dog, but most of it was dirty clothes that had accumulated during the week. It’s amazing how fast it piles up.

I also made some peanut butter balls. The holidays wouldn’t be the same without them. My husband once again informed me they’re addictive. You can’t eat just one. Don’t let him fool you, though. He paid for my two-pack of giant size Extra Crunchy Jif. So, he’s not too upset to have the sweet confection in the house.

As the weather gets chillier and the holiday season intensifies, please remember to cherish those special to you. Thank you for reading Ozarks Maven! If you’ve enjoyed my little seeds of wisdom and joy, please subscribe to Ozarks Maven, Like Ozarks Maven on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter @OzarksMaven.

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