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My Book Signing at the Joplin Writers’ Faire was a Great Success

The Joplin Writers’ Faire was a wonderful experience, and I plan to participate again next year if my schedule allows. There were over thirty of us showing off our stuff, so we were set up in three different rooms. I was assigned a table close to the front door in the main part of the library, so I saw many people as they walked in. It was the best location in the house, and I’m so thankful that was my assignment.

I agonize over planning things. I want everything to be perfect and spend days or even weeks planning for every contingency. Something almost always goes wrong at the last minute. My book signing was no different.

Book Signing at Library 19

Everything is smooth fresh from the dryer, right? Um, no. The darned thing came apart at the seams and was still wrinkled! I ended up signing books on my green lace tablecloth that I use for large family dinners.

My table cloth worked well, and I certainly stood out in the crowd. I didn’t see any other green lace. It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d just used the bare table, though. The library provided us with pristine white tables that were in excellent condition.

I was overwhelmed by the love of my family and friends who came to the library. My mom, sister, husband, close friends, and other writers were there to show their support. A wonderful friend who’s been putting up with me since 7th grade drove all the way from Kansas City to show me the love and have me sign her book.

Me signing (2)

I was in need of someone to watch my table while I read Susan’s book to interested listeners. I texted one of my Prose Sisters, Bonnie, and asked her to come watch my table for me. She agreed without reservation. I told her how grateful I was and that I didn’t know what I’d do without her. She replied, “You’d do the same for me.” She’s right. I absolutely would do the same for her.

I love writing, but it’s a solitary activity. Gathering with other writers and the readers who enjoy our work renews my sense of purpose.

Thank you, dear readers, for your continuing support. Without you, there would be no point to Ozarks Maven.

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