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My Black Friday Adventure was Successful

Thanksgiving was a relaxing affair this year. My husband, mother-in-law, and I went to my mom’s house for a quiet meal. We lingered over a feast of pheasant with all the trimmings. We adjourned to the living room where we told old family stories and talked about how fast the kids grew up. Then we discussed plans for today.

Black Friday was intense this year. My best friend and I didn’t want to get up too early on our day off, so we began our Black Friday adventure at 7:00 a.m. We started off at Walmart and then explored Atwoods, Sutherlands, Macy’s, JCPenney’s, Romancing the Stone, Khols, and made a quick stop at McDonalds.

I don’t like crowds, so Black Friday shopping is always nerve-wracking for me. It’s also exciting, though. I love the thrill of the hunt. I experience a rush of triumphant glee when I find an amazing deal. Like it or not, Black Friday is the very best time of the year for great prices.

Yes, I was jostled and bumped. I stumbled over people as they stumbled over me. I was deafened by the roar of the crowd. I got trapped in the toy section at Khols for half an hour, but I emerged with an amazing gift for my granddaughter, so it was well worth it.

I’ve participated in the online sales instead of going out in years past. Sitting at my computer and sipping coffee while scrolling through page after page holds a certain appeal, but I prefer to hold something in my hand before I decide if I’m going to make the purchase. One of the gifts I wanted to purchase wasn’t available online, which gave me the nudge I needed to plan my outing.

Thanks to physically visiting brick and mortar stores today, I have nearly completed the stocking stuffer shopping for my girls. I have a great start on my grandchildren. I have a few small things and some great ideas for my closest friends. I even found a few things for myself. I bought things for which I never would have considered searching online. I didn’t know those things were perfect until I saw them.

I marked four people off my list as done today and made great strides toward everyone else on my list. I’m happy to say that includes my husband. Yes, it’s not even December yet, and I’ve finished my husband’s Christmas shopping. That is a holiday miracle in itself.

I will be ordering a few things online this year to round out my list. I only have one trip to the crowded mall in me per year, and I went today. I will be avoiding that place like the plague for the foreseeable future. I will also be avoiding big box stores until after the holidays.

Thanks to my quest today, I can concentrate on putting up my Christmas tree and decorating my house tomorrow. I may even make some Christmas candy for my coworkers. They like my peanut butter balls and chocolate dipped pretzels. My husband has requested a pumpkin pie, so I’ll already be in domestic goddess mode.

If you didn’t get out today, Small Business Saturday will be in full swing in a few hours. There are all sorts of great local business that love to have you visit. However you choose to spend this weekend, I hope you enjoy it.

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