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My Best Cuddle Buddy, Taco

Pets can add a lot of love and joy to your life. I never had indoor pets as a child. My first experience with an indoor pet was when I married my husband. His daughter had a cat named Spicy who kept me on my toes. She wasn’t too pleased with being replaced as the alpha female in the home, but we eventually made our peace.

We’ve had several pets throughout the years. In total, we have had five cats and two dogs. We call them our fur babies. We currently have one canine and two feline fur babies. Our cats are both very loving and demand our undivided attention when they feel like being with us. Cats are moody like that. I named them Venus and Apollo. My husband named our dog, Taco.

Taco is a Chihuahua who came to live with us approximately three years ago. One of my husband’s coworkers found him wandering the streets alone and afraid. They searched for his home, but couldn’t find it. That’s when Taco became my sweet fur baby.

I’ve never met another dog with such a big personality. He is six pounds of fierceness who is a Rottweiler at heart. He’s especially protective of me. He won’t allow anyone near me if he thinks I’m not feeling well. Forget about yelling me. Taco simply won’t stand for such behavior toward his mommy.

Taco asleep

He’s the best cuddle buddy I’ve ever known. He will lie perfectly still on my lap for hours on end while I’m working on the computer or reading. He insists on sleeping with me during thunderstorms. I don’t know if it’s so he can protect me or so I can protect him. I suspect it’s a bit of both. I can’t imagine my life without him.

Taco’s love is unconditional. He’s always happy to see me even if I wake him from a sound sleep. He greets me every night when I get home from work. If I don’t pick him up immediately, he gives me the puppy dog eyes and waves his paw at me. He barks at me every morning when I leave for work unless I sneak out while he’s still asleep. I can just hear him saying, “Don’t go!”

There are comfort dogs that go around to hospitals and nursing homes to ease distress. Interacting with Taco after a long stressful day is the best comfort therapy I know. I can feel the tension leave my shoulders, and my spirits lift. How can you look at that face and not smile?

Thank you for reading my happy little story. If you’ve enjoyed this little seed of joy, please enter your email address in the Subscribe box, Like Ozarks Maven on Facebook, or find me on Twitter @ozarksmaven.

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