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Moving My Mother-in-Law

Moving is probably my least favorite thing in the world. I would rather have a root canal than move. I spent the past weekend moving my mother-in-law into her new apartment. Nothing makes tempers flare quite so quick as lifting heavy objects with another person and trying to carry them in 98 degree heat with high humidity.

It’s easy to lose sight of the reason for the move when you’re working so hard the sweat is running into your eyes. That’s when it’s important to take a moment, drink some cold water, and remember the goal. We needed to move her for her health and happiness. The bruises and scrapes incurred by moving insanely heavy things will fade, but the results of our labor will be enduring.

My husband and I decided to split the technological transfers. He was to handle the TV, and I was to handle the phone. Neither were easy. She had Direct TV at home, which is what her new place has. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a remote when we moved her in because it was a weekend. She had to watch one station her first night in her new senior apartment, but at least she had that.

The phone was another matter. She had been using the cable company phone service for years. Since we were switching, I thought it would be a great idea to switch her over to a prepaid home phone plan. She will be able to use her same red phone that she loves, but the service is much more reasonable in price. We should have been able to keep her same phone number, too. I just needed a bill from her carrier in order to port her number. Or so I thought. Nothing is ever simple, is it?

I went back to her house and dug through her papers until I found the phone bill, drove back to her apartment, and attempted to proceed. You’d think that would be all I need. Right? Wrong again. The new company needed a password or special number.

My husband called the company for the special number we needed, but they wouldn’t give it to him. He was told to call back today. When he called back, they still wouldn’t or couldn’t help him because the service predated such numbers.

He had to go with Plan B. He set up the new account and cancelled the old service. Therefore, my mother-in-law now has a new phone number to go along with her new apartment.

By the end of the day today, she was in pretty good shape. Her phone and TV were both up and running. She’d eaten with the other residents three times and met a few people. The typical move-in troubles had been addressed.

All is well. Now we can relax and enjoy a little quiet time. Life is good.

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