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Mother’s Day Success

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! Mine was good. I’m actually really pleased with the gifts I chose for our moms.

St. Louis Cards Clock

I work with mostly men, and they are all baseball fans. So, I plopped down in my assistant director’s guest chair last week and told him I needed his help. He was willing to help me in any way possible and asked about my dilemma. I explained that I needed a gift for my mother-in-law and the only thing she’s really passionate about is the St. Louis Cardinals. She loves them! I told him that Jim and I have already given her a hat, t-shirt, blanket, travel mug, and earrings.

I wanted to give her something St. Louis Cardinals related, but I couldn’t think of anything appropriate. He thought for a moment and then asked, “What about a clock?”

I squealed, “That’s perfect! Where do I buy one?”

He told me about a sports store at the mall, and he was certain I’d be able to find a St. Louis Cardinals clock there. I was all excited and called my husband to tell him I had the perfect gift idea for his mom. He agreed to go look at them with me.

My hubby hates the mall almost as much as I do. We both avoid it if at all possible. For the love of one elderly fan, we braved the mall on a Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, my step-son gave us good directions to the place, so we didn’t wander around looking for it.

We looked around the store for a while and finally found the employee to ask about a clock. He took us right to a display in the very back of the store. Sure enough, they had a St. Louis Cardinals clock. We made haste paying for it and left the mall feeling good about our choice.

She loved it! She even said, “Thank you, Margarite. I really like that.” Such praise from her is as rare as a desert rose.

I put a fresh battery in it and set it for the correct time. We looked around her living room and chose a place of honor for her new clock. She sent me to the garage for a hammer and nails, and I hung her clock while my husband tried to figure out a broken appliance.

I bought my own mom six mystery novels and a coffee mug that says “Mom” inside a big red heart. I put all of those things in a wicker basket with a beautiful card. We delivered her gift after we finished with my mother-in-law.

Mom was pretty excited about her basket. She’s always loved a good mystery. In fact, when I first started reading chapter books, she bought me Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew books. I personally always preferred Nancy Drew, but Mom grew up on Trixie Belden, so she naturally bought me more of those. I had a great deal of fun shopping for her mysteries.

All in all, I am calling this Mother’s Day a success. Both moms were tickled with their gifts to which I spent so much thought. That made me happier than if I’d received them myself. I knocked it out of the park this year.

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